Lifestyle review: LVL Lashes, Kozma and Kozma

Ahlan! Deputy Editor Ellen Kerry gives semi- permanent eyelash curling a go...
ByEllen KerryThursday , 20 July 2017
Lifestyle review: LVL Lashes, Kozma and Kozma

Ever looked into the eyes of a baby and been mega jealous of their ultra-luxe lashes? I have, many times. My own are stubbornly straight and refuse to curl into Disney princess-style eye framers, despite my best e orts. Plus, I’m still nervous about curling my lashes with curlers after a tragic incident in 2014 when I inadvertently tore half of my left upper lashes out. I had to spend the next few weeks with a semi-bald eyelid. Unsurprisingly not a good look. Hence my excitement at trying out a clever semi-permanent curling technique.

I popped into the sassy Kozma and Kozma salon on Al Wasl Road to give LVL Lashes a try (48 hours before the treatment I took a patch test to ensure I wasn’t allergic to the potions used). LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift to wait. The process takes 60 minutes to complete. I lie down on a comfy bed and have all traces of make-up and daily grime delicately removed by the therapist. She begins by protecting both my upper and lower eye areas with a silicone shield. My eyes are closed for the entirety of the procedure. My lashes are combed upwards onto the upper shields (which feels strange but not painful) before a perming lotion is applied to the roots. After around 10 minutes a neutralising lotion is then applied and I have another 10 minutes to wait.

At this point, honestly, I fall asleep because I am so relaxed, #awks. The therapist gently wakes me (LOL) and informs me I am now going to have my lashes tinted. She applies the dye and leaves it on for 10 minutes. Finally a moisturising serum is applied and my shields are removed. I open my eyes and have a look in the mirror. The result is very noticeable. My usually poker-straight lashes are lifted, curly and lusciously dark. I finally have the Belle lashes of my dreams! The treatment lasts for six to eight weeks and after three mine are still fabulous. I no longer wear mascara daily and haven’t used my torturous metal curlers since. 
INFO: Dhs250, Kozma and Kozma, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, 056 554 4534, 

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