Lifestyle Review: Going Blonde at Belle Femme

Ahlan!'s Deputy Editor Ellen Kerry put the skills of Dubai's beauty haven to the test
ByEllen KerryMonday , 08 May 2017
Lifestyle Review: Going Blonde at Belle Femme
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I have a confession to make. I am not a real blonde. Shocker, right? I enjoyed my brunette status until deciding to hit the bleach bottle in 2015. Now I love being blonde, and sometimes pink or green or blue…

Real talk: bleached blonde hair is tough to maintain and care for. It’s sensitive, prone to breakage and requires a lot of TLC. Then there’s the never-ending issue of roots.

I don’t mind a little rootage, but there’s a fine line between a few weeks’ growth of roots that look cool-grunge and those that are in desperate need of a salon appointment.

After recently moving to the UAE, mine were no longer verging bad – thy were positively terrifying. I couldn’t avoid trying out a new colourist any longer but I was feeling a bit nervous about my first Dubai salon visit. Bleached hair needs love, attention and a lot of expert knowledge. Slso, there is no way I would let anyone near my follicles without a heavy dose of Olaplex or Smartbond in the dye. The two fairly new potions use clever ingredients to help rebuild proteins within the hair shaft during the colouring process. Basically, if you bleach tresses without one of these, you can say so-long to healthy hair.

After a stealthy Instagram search, I stumbled across Belle Femme. Their pics showed gorgeous Balayaged mops of hair and the odd silver-blonde. I checked out the menu and saw, to my delight, the option to use Olaplex or Smartbond.

Sold but still nervous, I strode into the JBR branch. My rooty hair was half peach and full of Jumeirah beach, but the colour team seemed sure they could deliver the icy white results I wished for.

Two salon techs got to work on my hair, applying the bleach/Olaplex mix in tandem, making the whole process incredibly speedy. Once my roots were covered, I was left with a cup of tea while my colour developed. After rinsing the bleach, they inspected the level of lift the original application had achieved. I was then treated to a lilac-based toner to get rid of any brassy tones.

My newly iced hair was then washed and conditioned before a blowout. The whole process took two hours – way quicker than my four-hour ordeal in London. And that awkward golden band that can sometimes occur when lightening dark roots was nowhere to be seen. Instead I had clean, cool blonde tresses that were silky and felt strong. I can officially say I have found my peroxide palace in Belle Femme. INFO: Prices vary,, 04 395 3334

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