Lifestyle review: Electrifying Facial, En Vogue Beauty Center

The Hydradermie Double Ionization facial is one of the most technologically and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments in the world. Ahlan! Editor Andre Neveling gave it a try…
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 15 June 2017
Lifestyle review: Electrifying Facial, En Vogue Beauty Center

Living in the UAE, it’s no secret that we get to spend more time outdoors. Intense and regular sun exposure, however, means we have to take extra care of our skin.  So what are you to do when your sun-kissed skin becomes dull, dry and dehydrated? Facial time!

Ahlan! got invited to En Vogue Beauty Center for a Hydradermie Double Ionization facial, which was developed by the renowned French beauty brand Guinot. The 60-minute treatment is said to increase the complexion’s radiance, and deep cleanses and moisturises the skin. It uses positive and negative ions to rehydrate deeper layers of the skin and speed up cellular regeneration.

The treatment begins with the application of double ionization serum gels onto the face, then two small metal rollers are passed over the skin – one producing positive electrodes and the other, negative – to get twice the skin benefits. The positive current encourages nutrients in the treatment gels to penetrate deeper, while the negative current draws nasty impurities out. This is followed by an application of a high-frequency current with a gel packed with oxygen to help improve circulation below the skin. Truth be told, it took about 30 minutes before I realised there was electricity practically pulsating across my face. It’s a strange sensation, but certainly not uncomfortable.

The gels are chosen specifically based on your skin’s needs and are formulated to deliver nutrients to the core cells.  A relaxing massage at the end of the treatment helps soften facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin.  Verdict? The Hydradermie Double Ionization provides immediate and longer-lasting results. My skin is soft, radiant and moisturised – ready for the weekend.

INFO: Dhs400, En Vogue Beauty Center, various branches, including Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, The Walk, JBR, 04 450 1055,      

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