Life Lessons with Padma Coram

22 Nov 2011

From spirituality to prosperity, Padma Coram is here to guide you

About Padma Coram
Part of UAE high society, Padma Coram is an award-winning entrepreneur and cultural ambassador who has brought A-list celebs from Elton John to Bryan Adams to the region and worked on global peace initiatives, rubbing shoulders with the world’s most influential women from Hilary Clinton to the late Mother Teresa.

Indian-born Padma is also a devoted mother and wife with a keen interest in spirituality, well-being and the route to fulfilment. “I have travelled the world several times over, living and studying under masters in the spiritual, emotional, financial and physical realms,” says Padma. “Experience makes a person wiser and I am often asked how to achieve my lifestyle. So, here I am to share my philosophy on achieving well-being in all areas of life: spiritual, emotional and material.”

On this site, Padma will discuss the different paths to a fulfilled, fun and prosperous life, drawing on her own experiences and answering your questions. Have you got a question for Padma? Email it to with 'Dear Padma' in the subject field.

Life Lesson #1: Dedication and Passion are the Keys to Success

Padma says dedicate yourself with passion and success will follow

People who succeed usually have great passion: passion in their belief; passion in what they want to achieve; passion in their knowledge; passion in wanting to share their knowledge; passion in wanting to leave behind something for posterity.

Back in the early days, the late Apple chief Steve Jobs is known to have sold his car in order to pursue his business goals and his strong belief in his product. I had the joy of meeting Steve Jobs in New York in the Meat Packing District way back in 1994. He wasn’t famous then.

I remember he was fascinated to meet a fellow vegetarian and wanted to ask me lots of questions about spirituality. He was also deeply passionate about computers and I think he was amused and irritated that I had no clue on that front. We had orange juice in paper cups in a loft and I remember thinking that his passion for his product was tremendous. I knew he would never give up; he was convinced he was right and dedicated himself to proving it.

People who succeed usually have great dedication to their chosen field. Look around: most successful people will not be clock-watchers. They are the ones who need to be reminded that it is time to eat or go home.

Another entrepreneur Bill Gates is famous for having slept under his desk when he was first starting out - he ate, slept and breathed computers. When I was at Live 8 in Hyde Park in 2005, Bill gates was there too. I met him back stage and he was just hanging out. He had flown into the UK in a commercial plane in economy apparently! There were no airs no graces about the man, and definitely no tantrums. From that point I also noticed over the years that pretentiousness and success don’t go hand-in-hand.

If passion, dedication and a lack of ego will get you to the top, it’s focus that will guarantee you ongoing success. Once you’re riding high, learn to focus on what’s important and always prioritise that. Take care of the most important things each day, and learn not to stress about the little things. Do this and a successful life/work balance will be yours.