Life After Harry

02 Aug 2009

Fast-track to superstardom, or one-way ticket to obscurity? Ahlan! asks what’s next for Potter and his posse?

The boy wonder

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter

Sorry Dan fans, but we fear a touch of the Macauley Culkins are on the cards for the boy wizard after filming wraps on the last Harry Potter flick. Despite previous attempts to shake of the shackles of Harry, including Broadway play Equus (NB. getting naked does not a serious actor make), the public will struggle to separate his magic making onscreen persona from the actor. Dan may have beaten stiff competition from Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Philippe and Orlando Bloom to land the role of real life photographer Dan Eldon in new flick The Journey Is The Destination, but it was only because Eldon’s family wanted a “boy merging into manhood” to play their late son. This will be Dan’s Richie Rich, before his voice breaks forever.

Verdict:It’ll take some serious magic to bury the ghost of Harry.