Life’s Little Mood Lifters

25 Nov 2011

A laugh, a dance, a day in reveal the simple pleasures that give you a boost

Turning on MTV really loud and dancing around my apartment, or going out and dancing like no-one’s watching.
Ally Ho, 30, Financial Services Headhunter

Changing up my daily routine every once in a while, and indulging in some self-pampering like spa treatments and shopping.
Jinan Dalloul, 26, Freelance Artist

My 15-month-old son’s laughter; his smile brightens any day. When his little hands come and hug me, I forget everything else.
Viona Cabral, 29, Receptionist

Being in control of everything! (This is what my husband would say anyway!)
Isla Watt, 34, Corporate Affairs Executive

The fresh and uplifting smell of grass just after it’s rained, or the energising scent of freshly brewed coffee – especially espresso!
Chloe DongYi Shin, 26, Flight Attendant

Jumping up and down on my bed with my four-year-old daughter gives me great pleasure - which is currently her favourite thing to do. There’s nothing quite like releasing your inner child.
Sunita Bhopal, 33, Marketing Manager

Eating my mum’s and granny’s comforting home-cooked food! When it comes to sweets though, there’s no chocolate better than Galaxy extra smooth... oh my goodness, it’s my weakness and I can’t resist.
Melany Oliver, 28, Holistic Therapist

Going for a run outdoors or eating a scoop of gelato.
Kristie de Groot, 28, Finance Manager

Going out for a good meal and a long chat with my closest friends.
Emily Yen, 43, HR & Admin Manager

Staying in bed on a weekday, and getting up early on a weekend!
Serene Touma, 27, PR Chief Communicator

Seeing Dubai by night – there’s something enchanting about it. As the sun goes down all the discarded buildings and dust disappear to a skyline of spun gold. The whole city sparkles; it’s like it’s waking up when the rest of the desert is going to bed. After a rough day, I could watch it for hours.
Kate Boyle, 26, Marketing Manager