Lewis Hamilton Still Loves Nicole Scherzinger!

30 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

The F1 star is determined to win his ex back

Last month Lewis Hamilton gave us an exclusive interview and this week confirmed what we knew all along – that he is set on getting Nicole Scherzinger back.

The lovestruck Formula One star flew all the way to Los Angeles in the hope of a romantic reunion with the X Factor judge. “We still have very strong feelings for one another,” he confessed, “I still love her very much. So, who knows? Maybe we will be together in the future.”

During his trip, they were photographed looking far from romantic, dashing rumours of a possible reconciliation, however Lewis says that a reunion is still on the cards.

“[The photographers] didn’t catch us at the best of times,” he admitted. “What you didn’t see is that we had a really good week, a couple of really nice lunches together. We had a really nice dinner together. It’s very early days.”

Love is certainly in the air for Lewis, and the racing driver boasted happily about his trip to LA. “I’m very much here in a positive frame of mind,” he said. “I am very happy to be here, I’ve great memories of being here in the past… I came away from LA feeling great and things are different, so that’s cool.”

Time will only tell if Nicole feels the same. The couple split up last month after four years together, with work strains and Lewis’ reluctance to start a family forcing them apart.

But in like all good love stories – if it’s meant to be, it will be.