Lewis Hamilton Ditches Kendall Jenner for Gigi Hadid

Lewis Hamilton Ditches Kendall Jenner for Gigi Hadid

09 Jun 2015

The F1 ace is wanted by both models

Lewis Hamilton may have landed himself right in the middle of a complicated love-triangle. The Formula 1 ace has been partying with Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner – and sources say both girls are desperate to date him. Despite being close friends, the love rivalry came to a head when Gigi scored a dinner date with Lewis – and he showed her the flirty texts that Kendall had been sending him. Awkward!

Humiliated by a BFF
A source revealed: “Kendall’s nose has been really put out of joint. She’s on a mission to make Lewis her next relationship – but he’s totally ditched her in favour of Gigi. Kendall thought she was on to a winner after really hitting it off with Lewis in Monaco. She kept telling everyone she thought he was the perfect man for her and they had so much in common.” Now, things have turned sour after Kendall claimed “he’s humiliating me and Gigi is behind it!” The two female models have been competing with each other for Lewis’ attention, but Gigi is said to have gotten angry at Kendall after finding out the brunette was making a play for Lewis – even though Gigi had already told Kendall that she was interested in him.

Gigi’s Secret Lewis Dates
Gigi scored a secret dinner date with Lewis, but even after she’d made the arrangements Kendall kept bombarding him with flirty texts and saying she’d love to meet up with him somewhere more private soon. The source added: “Lewis started showing Gigi some of the texts Kendall had been sending and told her ‘I think Kendall is getting obsessed with me!’ They were both laughing about it and Lew insisted ‘It’s never going to happen – Kendall is too obsessed with fame’. Our insider claims it got back to Kendall that Lewis and Gigi had been laughing at her texts and she was furious. “She fumed ‘This is all Gigi’s fault. She’s trying to get Lewis to humiliate me.’”

Kendall’s Fame Hungry
But Kendall has never been one to back down and she’s determined to keep pursuing him. Our source said: “She’s privately fuming that he’s gone for Gigi over her but she’s insisting to all her friends ‘I’m not giving up on him. If Gigi wants a war she can have one.’” Now Lewis has found himself in the middle of a volatile love battle. While he thinks Kendall is gorgeous and great fun, he’s put off by how fame-driven she is and he doesn’t really trust her intentions. “He knows her mum, Kris, is really driving this whole pursuit of him and that makes him even wearier. When Gigi asked him how much Kendall was contacting him behind her back he whipped out his phone and showed her. He didn’t have any bad intentions by doing that.”

Scherzy is Steaming!
As Lewis juggles the attention of two women, his ex-Nicole Scherzinger is said to be privately fuming that he’s broken a pact between them to keep any new romances out of the spotlight for at least a year. She finally spoke out about how she has moved on from the relationship this week, explaining: “For me, what’s helped me to get through this is I’m quite a spiritual person. It’s grounded me, and I realise that I do have a great purpose in life. If relationships or people in your lives are meant to be, then they’ll come back around, but that shouldn’t be what’s holding you back.”