Leonardo DiCaprio in the Director's Chair

Why the Titanic star wants to head behind the camera
Tuesday , 20 September 2011
Leonardo DiCaprio in the Director's Chair
Leo gets serious about his career

Actor-turned-filmmaker Clint Eastwood has given his
latest leading man Leonardo DiCaprio the thumbs up to realise his directing
dreams, insisting the Titanic star will make a great movie mogul.

Leonardo has become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand
stars thanks to a string of box office hits and now he wants to follow Clint’s
example and add director to his resume.

He tells GQ magazine, “I would imagine it’s really a game
of deciding what to keep your attention on, as opposed to the 20 other things I’m
sure people want you to pay attention to...And, if I did direct, I would try to
have the same no-bulls**t approach to it as he (Eastwood) and his crew have.
Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew.”

Clint, the multi-talented Dirty Harry star, who teams up
with Leo in upcoming film J. Edgar, thinks the actor is well-suited for the
job. “He’d be great. A lot of guys falter when they get in that chair,” said
Clint. “John Wayne – he found it overpowering. But for somebody who’s relaxed
and understands other actors and likes the process, it’s kind of simple.”

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