Leona Lewis at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Ahlan! Live caught up with Leona Lewis ahead of her performance at Doha Tribeca Film Festival's closing ceremony
Saturday , 29 October 2011
Leona Lewis at the third Doha Tribeca Film Festival (2011)
Leona Lewis at the third Doha Tribeca Film Festival (2011)
Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis will provide the grand finale of tonight’s closing ceremony at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, but before performing later this evening, she took some time out to talk to Ahlan! Live backstage at the Katara Open Air Theatre.

The British singer denied cosmetic surgery rumours sparked by the fuller figure she appeared to have in red caret shots taken earlier in the year.


But she admitted that the stunning tux she wore to walk down the red carpet for the premiere of The Lady earlier this evening was largely a high-street ensemble ­– she can’t even remember where her jacket came from.

“I wore a tux jacket – I don’t know where I got it from... just in my wardrobe,” laughs Leona, not looking at all nervous about performing for the hundreds of people on the other side of the stage. “And I wore French Connection trousers and a Topshop top. I used to get stressed about what to wear on the red carpet at the beginning, but now, I’m like, gosh – there’s just no need to stress.”

The Bleeding Love hitmaker, relaxing backstage as we spoke in a loose-fitting tee and full-length polka dot skirt, isn’t worried about what she’ll wear for her performance later either.

On stage tonight I’m going to wear my tux jacket and my trousers again, and I’ve got this pink corset... I’m trying to be more conservative here, so I’ll be quite covered up – more than I usually am when I perform!”

To read the full interview and find out what Leona thinks of Justin Bieber, her boyfriend Dennis Jauch and the man who punched her at a book signing earlier this year, stay tuned to Ahlan! Live.

The full interview is now live here.

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