Leona attacker pleads guilty

Crazed ‘fan’ admits assaulting singer at book signing
Tuesday , 15 December 2009
Leona attacker pleads guilty

The man who punched LEONA LEWIS at a book signing in London has pleaded guilty to the attack and been ordered to remain in hospital under Britain's Mental Health Act.

Peter Kowalczyk, 29, appeared at London's City of Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday to answer a charge of common assault, in relation to the incident which took place in October.

The pop star was left with redness and swelling to the face, and whiplash symptoms following the attack, according to court documents, which also revealed Kowalczyk shouted "Gotcha!" as he swiped the star with his fist.

A witness statement from Lewis, read at Monday's hearing, says, "I feel completely devastated by this attack. Now I am very frightened about going out in public and I don't know where the next attack will come from and if this will be more serious than what has just happened."

District Judge Howard Riddle ordered Kowalczyk, who suffered from mental health disorder schizophrenia, to remain in hospital for an indeterminate period, telling him: "This is what happens when you don't take your medication. A woman is now devastated."