Leo Misses Blake

Long distance relationship isn’t working out for the couple...
Sunday , 25 September 2011
Leo Misses Blake
Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively

It would seem, the long distance relationship between Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio is having more of an effect on Leo than originally thought.

According to sources close to the couple, Leo has started to pine for his Gossip Girl lover and is starting to miss her desperately.

My source says, “It’s one of those relationships where if someone is chasing too much then it puts the other off but when they sit back and relax then the other starts to do the chasing and it flips.”

“It’s very childish on Leo’s part but you expect it from Blake as she’s more than ten years younger than him.”

According to my mole, Leo has flown his mum Irmelin over while he is rehearsing for his role in The Great  Gatsby and she has been a great deal of support to him while he’s been missing Blake.

My source adds, “Irmelin has been offering her advice to Leo while he’s out in Australia. She doesn’t think the relationship between the two of them will last so she has been pushing for him to be single.”