Leo And Blake Get Serious

Has Lively tamed her Lion?
Wednesday , 10 August 2011
Leo And Blake Get Serious
Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

It looks as if Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio’s relationship is stepping up a gear as friends reveal this is the real deal.

According to sources, Blake and Leo have become almost inseparable and have even talked about marriage.

The couple have spent the last two months gallivanting around the world, from the south of France to Venice, and Leo has made sure he’s around while Blake shoots the fifth season of Gossip Girl in New York.

A source tells us, “Leo and Blake get on amazingly well. It’s different to all the other girlfriends he’s had because they have a laugh and are on the same wave length.”

“His mum adores her and they don’t get bored of each other. Leo’s mum has joked that this could be the one. Wifey!”

Leo has been dating Blake ever since he jilted supermodel Bar Refaeli in May, just before he headed out to the Cannes Film festival with the Green Lantern actress, and the pair have been going from strength-to-strength.

The source adds, “They are living together in New York and Leo is spending time with her before he goes off shooting next month. This is more serious than any relationship he has been in before.” Watch this space guys...