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Led Zeppelin's lawsuit against British songwriters seems to be working out for them

12 Jun 2019

After all, it is for one of the best rock songs of all time

Rockers Led Zeppelin have been granted their request to have a larger group of judges preside over their Stairway to Heaven copyright battle.

Songwriters Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and their publishers were sued by Michael Skidmore in 2014 and accused of stealing the classic 1971 track's iconic opening guitar riff from a 1960s instrumental called Taurus, written by late Spirit band member Randy Wolfe, whose estate he oversees.

The Brits denied the allegations, insisting every part of the song was original, and in June, 2016, after hearing testimony from both Page and Plant, members of a U.S. jury ruled the defendants were not liable for infringing the Spirit tune.

Skidmore's attorney challenged the decision and asked for a retrial, arguing the verdict was not accurate because the jury members had not been allowed to hear the original Taurus recording, and last year, a new trial was ordered by a three-judge panel on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Led Zeppelin bandmates subsequently filed a motion seeking to have more judges appointed to hear the case, and on Monday, their request was approved.

The retrial will now be heard by a panel of 11 court officials in San Francisco, California in late September.