"Leave My Sienna Alone"

Maneater's mother hits out!
Thursday , 14 August 2008
"Leave My Sienna Alone"
Sienna with her mother Jo

SIENNA MILLER's mother has defended the actress over her much criticised relationship with BALTHAZAR GETTY.

The Alfie star and Getty, who last month announced his separation from wife Rosetta, have enjoyed a whirlwind romance which has attracted criticism from the media.

And the actress' mother, JO, is upset at the reaction to her daughter – nicknamed Serial Miller because of her track record with men - and the Brothers and Sister star's romance.

She says, "You can't understand how a woman seeing a man who has been separated from his wife for months can cause such a scandal.
"It's awful, I can't tell you. You wonder when it's all going to stop."

But Jo is pleased how some pals have jumped to her daughter's defence.

She adds, "Thank goodness some people are seeing the hypocrisy of it all. I know it makes Sienna pleased to read these things. It means a lot to her when there's so much negativity and criticism around." For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter www.ahlanlive.com/newsletter