Kate Middleton

Lazy Katy

31 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Preparing for life as a Royal housewife involves what exactly?

Why? Forget Waity Katy, Kate Middleton has earned herself a more appropriate nickname – Lazy Katy – after news broke out that she’s quit work at her family’s company. The word “work” has been used loosely here as Kate – sorry, Catherine, as she wants to be called these days – has barely worked a day in her life.

Before falling for Prince William’s charms (read bank account), Kate worked for just one day at Jigsaw fashion store. Since then her so-called career has entailed taking the odd photo for her parents’ company Party Pieces, and judging by the quality of the snaps it looks like she took them in bed, with a disposable camera!

Quick to jump to her own defence, the princess-to-be insisted she’s not work shy but in fact “preparing for a life as a Royal housewife”.

Yeah, so basically she’s doing nothing.