Layover Survival Guide

15 Aug 2012

Hungry and faced with another delay? Here’s what you can do when the food courts are your only option…

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Costa Coffee
Rather than indulging in your sweet tooth with a pastry, grab one of their tropical fruit containers (such as pineapples). Only 70 calories!

Dubai Terminal 1
Round Table Pizza
The Skinny Crust Hawaiian comes in at 190 calories. It may still be a cheesy treat, but it’s not packing as many cals as the 800-calorie chicken club.
Thai Express
Steer away from the rice and curries, and instead opt for the infamous Tom Yam soup with shrimps. One bowl is only 160 calories.

Dubai Terminal 3
Cosi Cafe
For a low-calorie breakfast that will tide you over until you manage to board, try their Fruit Salad Breakfast that comes in at just 84 calories.

London Heathrow Airport Starbucks
Order a small bowl of porridge
(107 calories) for a wholesome snack, and add the raisins for an extra nutrition boost. It will stop you from eyeing up the Pringles in Duty Free.

New York JFK Airport
Au bon pain
The bagels and sandwiches look tempting yes, but shockingly many of their sandwiches are 600+ calories! For a meal that’s less harmful to your waistline, opt for a small garden salad (only 70 calories, 2g fat), or their Carrot Ginger bowl of soup, at only 140 calories.

Sydney Kingsford Smith Int’l Airport
Their delicious low-fat Sumo Salad with chicken and avocado are an excellent choice to get your fill of nutrients before a flight while filling you up (303 calories).

Singapore Changi Airport 
Sakae Sushi
For the sushi lovers out there, head to Sakae Sushi and enjoy a hand roll. With only 120 calories in a hand roll, it serves as a delicious and filling snack en route to your holiday.

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