Layla Kardan

Layla Kardan

25 Nov 2019

Songbird @laylakardan graced us with her soulful and sultry voice on her debut album

•My highlight this past year was releasing my debut album Saved globally, and having two songs picked up for rotation on take-off and landing on Emirates Airline. I won the Esquire Artist of the Year Award and even performed for French Montana.

•I have spent many of my formative years here and feel like I have grown up with the country. I’ve seen so much change and progress and feel I have mirrored much of it in myself. I launched my music career here with so much support from the community.

•I’m inspired by family, friends, life, love, nature, situations and hardship... Everything really! The good thing about music is that you can turn pain into something beautiful.

•I grew up in Sydney, Australia – a very environmentally friendly country, so I have habits that were instilled in me from a young age such as taking short showers, recycling, making compost, taking reusable bags for shopping, rejecting additional packaging and using reusable cutlery where possible. On top of that, I get involved in beach and ocean clean ups.

•I think the education of lifestyle change to support greener initiatives needs to happen at a young age in schools. This will ensure habitual change is instilled. I know way too many people who leave the water running while brushing their teeth – just one example of ignorance.

•In 2020, I’m looking forward to complete my new body of work, with new music and many more international performances.