Layla Akil

Layla Akil

20 Nov 2019

The TV presenter and co-host of Expensive Tastes is all about living naturally

•My highlight this year was growing the show concept that empowers women and reflects different facets of their life behind the scenes.

•I’m inspired by strong, independent women who achieve their goals and stand up for themselves. It also inspires me to influence young women to achieve their dreams and positively impact their lives with my show.

• For 2020, I want to be a trusted influencer in the social media world, influencing every woman that follows me to become a better version of herself. I’m also excited to turn my body care recipes into products that are accessible to everyone.

•I use natural, organic products for my skin care and make-up and I encourage those around me to do so as well. They are effective and less harmful to the environment.

•The UAE is a place where 200 nationalities from all over the world can freely aspire to be whatever they want to be, while living in harmony. It also gives me the opportunity to live a secure, happy life and seek growth every day.

• Recycling should be a natural part of everyone’s life. I would like to see more enforcement of sustainability and participation from companies, governments and individuals.