Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

25 Nov 2019

From Emirates cabin crew to Love Island reality star, @lauraanderson1x continues to make us proud

•I launched my own nail collection with Sosu in Ireland, hosted two podcast series with BBC, I presented a Scottish BAFTA and I was on Celebrity Catchphrase for charity. Finally, coming back to Dubai to see all my friends and family still feels like coming home.

•I spent eight years of my adult life here in the UAE, so in a sense it’s where I grew up. I moved here when I was 21. I’ve met lifelong friends and I understand and respect the culture here.

•The best advice I’ve been given is to just to stick with the friends you had before you got famous. I knew that anyway. I hate the word ‘famous’.  Life is about people and relationships. I’ve got no time for users; been there done that.

•Success inspires me. My end goal is to create and provide for my family and to do so I need to work hard. I love working and keeping busy; I always have.

•I feel the government should lower the price of vegan foods to encourage more people to eat vegan. Healthier foods are always more expensive, which doesn’t help.

•Recycle, recycle, and recycle! I just switched to green energy at home. I don’t have a car; I enjoy people watching on the trains, and they’re much better for the environment too.

•In 2020, I’m excited to do even more television work, spend more time in Dubai, and hopefully buy my first property.