Latest Inside Chanel Chapter Offers Insight Into Coco’s Colours

Latest Inside Chanel Chapter Offers Insight Into Coco’s Colours

10 Jun 2014

Haute hues are in focus as Inside Chanel, Chapter 11, The Colours of Chanel captivates fashion fiends

Black, white, beige, gold, red; these five iconic colours are the backbone of Chanel’s every collection, and typify the label’s very essence. In this latest video Chanel aficionados get yet another glimpse into the maison to understand the ethos and inspirations behind the brand; this time the focus is its hues.

The five key Chanel colours are its codes; together they form its one signature style. This video focuses on each colour, showing us where it is used and how it is placed in the label’s DNA. We see it in the distinctive packaging, in the luminescent make-up shades, in detailing, in iconic must-haves; we see it used in ways we must have noticed before, but never focused on.

What amazes is the sheer skill the fashion house has in establishing its unique, much-coveted identity.  What amuses are the quirky quotes from the irreplaceable Madamoiselle Chanel who offers style sirens sensational one-liners like “if you’re sad, add more lipstick”. What shade? Bright red of course. What intrigues is the purposeful coherence and use of colour; the use of colour is calculated and determined, not just serendipity.

The video showcases how these five colour themes are intrinsic to Chanel  and makes you want to rush out and re-think your wardrobe hues; after all, monastic “black triumphs all”.

The heir apparent also makes a fleeting appearance, showing the brands’ identity is continuous, unchanging, no matter who is at the helm; make sure you watch out for the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by King Karl.