Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Can Speak to Dead Celebrities!

17 Jun 2014

The singer claims that she has a special bond with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

The ever eerie Lana Del Rey claims she has a “special relationship” with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Summertime Sadness hitmaker, who recently admitted she wished she was already dead, says her “most meaningful relationships” are with her late idols, including the Virgin Mary.

The 27-year-old singer told the New York Times: “I have strong relationships with icons. They’re probably my most meaningful relationships. They feel personal to me, but maybe that’s what being an icon is. Maybe everyone feels like they have that special relationship that’s different from everybody else, like you love them and you think you understand them more than anyone else, or you get them for who they really are.”

But the Young and Beautiful singer insists she doesn’t aspire to be like them, saying: “I wouldn’t really know how to shape myself as an icon.” The brunette beauty loves “exploring ways to die” in her music videos and thinks it will be “a relief” when her life is over. She said: “I love the idea that it’ll all be over. It’s just a relief, really. I’m scared to die, but I want to die.”

Lana’s new album, Ultraviolence, was inspired by legendary musicians Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, Nirvana and Eminem, as she isn’t a fan of most of the current music lighting up the charts. She said: “Think of what’s going on now. Where am I going to get my inspiration? I couldn’t think of a thing today that I would really genuinely want to be a part of.”