Lama Jamal

The sartorial tastemaker who's built an international following for Dubai's street style
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Lama Jamal
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Lama Jamal
• My biggest achievement of the past year was turning what was a fun Instagram account, DubaiStreetStyle, into a brand with over 300,000 followers. This has led to collaborations with reputable and high-end brands, like Roger Vivier, Swarovski and Toms, and being on the VIP list of all Dubai’s most exclusive events.
• I grew my account by being very careful, picky and genuine about what I post. A lot of effort and editorial work happens behind the scenes and the most important thing was to grow the account organically, without being seen as being too commercial.
• The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to believe in the power of natural needs and the importance of filling in the gaps. If we feel that something is missing or it can be done differently, start by doing it yourself – even if it’s on a very small scale.
• I think about work all the time, so I’m permanently in work mode, unless I’m sleeping or I’m playing with my little one. 
• I love Dubai, it’s the city of the crème de la crème in so many things. People always try to enhance what’s around them, and you always see progress. You have a chance to shine and succeed here.  
• If I were to do anything differently, it would be to select which events I attend more carefully – you can’t be in several places at once!
Instagram: @dubaistreetstyle
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