Lama Bazzari

The restaurant and beauty entrepreneur supporting others in business
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Lama Bazzari
Lama Bazzari
  • Over the last 12 months, I’ve continued to expand the outreach of my micro-finance and angel investment funds philanthropy work geared towards empowering and mentoring underprivileged women across the Middle East as they set up their own small businesses. In addition, I’ve recently launched Tatreezna, a socially conscious fashion line that blends the beauty of eastern embroidery into modern streetwear, which aims to create thousands of jobs in under-privileged communities. I’m proud to see my businesses and philanthropy work go hand in hand, I find this synergy tremendously rewarding.
  • I’m excited to be launching two more businesses locally: Infatuation Dubai, a website and social media portal that’s a one-stop guide to Dubai. The second business is still under wraps. 

  • My beauty salon chain, NStyle continues to grow both regionally and internationally with a tremendous expansion in the pipeline via wholly owned and franchised stores, which will double the number of our outlets.  

  • My best business lesson is: Move swiftly to turn obstacles into opportunities and always keep your eyes focused on your end goal. An integral component for longevity in running a business is being passionate about what you do.   


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