Lama Bazzari

The beauty, food and beverage entrepreneur and philanthropist who's winning all the awards
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Lama Bazzari
Lama Bazzari
• The growth of NStyle into 30 branches has been a tremendous achievement, and we’ve now expanded operations into North America. 
• Our restaurant Sapori Di Bice was named Best Casual Italian Restaurant for the second year, and Bice Mare was awarded Best Seafood Restaurant for the third year.  
• I’ve been expanding my philanthropy work that offers micro finance, angel investment funds and mentorship programmes to underprivileged women 
in the Middle East. This enables them to set up small businesses and create jobs that will benefit entire communities.
• I admire ordinary individuals who achieve extraordinary things. I see this first-hand working with underprivileged women as their drive takes their businesses to the next level.  
• I’m honoured to have won awards recognising my work and was named Most Innovative Businesswoman by Global Women in Leadership, and for the second time I was featured on the Forbes’ Most Powerful Arab Women list. 
• I’m always focused on the big picture and what’s truly important to drive my energy towards my long-term goals. My life motto is: “Focus determines your reality while purpose determines your success.”
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