Lady Gaga's Maternal Side Revealed

UK rock band The Darkness can't get enough of Lady Gaga's "motherly energy"
Monday , 03 September 2012
Lady Gaga's mum-tastic for The Darkness
Lady Gaga's mum-tastic for The Darkness
Lady Gaga's mum-tastic for The Darkness
Lady Gaga's mum-tastic for The Darkness

Lady Gaga apparently has a “motherly energy”. British band The Darkness are currently supporting the superstar singer on her The Born This Way Ball European tour. Lead singer Justin Hawkins and his brother Dan, who plays the guitar, have described what the world famous Gaga is really like.

“She’s really nice, lovely,” Justin told British newspaper The Times. “She’s also got something that really reminds me of our mother. Some of her energy.”

“And our mother,” Dan added, “is the life and soul of any party. She just has that same kind of energy, dancing around.”

The Darkness reformed in 2011 after a five-year break. The group are all at least ten years older than the 26-year-old Bad Romance singer.

Bass player in the pop-metal four-piece group is Scottish-born Frankie Poullain. He also says New Yorker Lady Gaga reminds him of his mother.

“It’s funny; she reminded me of my mum as well,” Frankie continued. “I wanna qualify that as being in the sense of the multi-tasking mentally, Gaga just goes from one subject to the next. She’s very forthright and very fast. That’s like my mum, who’s quite hyper - and amazingly on the money.”

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