Lady Gaga's Demanding Ways Revealed

27 Dec 2011

Lady Gaga's former assistant is suing the superstar's touring company for unpaid overtime

Lady Gaga’s former assistant has revealed that she served
as a ‘personal alarm clock’ to the pop superstar, and has alleged that she is
owed money by her touring company.

Jennifer O'Neill, who was employed as Gaga's aide for 13
months while the singer toured, has claimed that she was required to be at the
star's beck and call at her "earliest waking hour".

In her legal papers, O'Neill alleges she had to make
herself available to the Poker Face hitmaker in "stadiums, private jets,
fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses", with her tasks
including "ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and
serving as a personal alarm clock to keep (Gaga) on schedule".

But she is not suing her demanding ex-boss - O'Neill has
filed suit against the star's representatives at Mermaid Touring Company

She is demanding the $380,000 (£237,500) she is
reportedly owed for 7,168 hours of overtime during the 13 months of her

However, a spokesperson for Lady G has dismissed the
allegations, telling the New York Post the lawsuit is "completely without