Lady Gaga to Perform at Glastonbury?

The Bad Romance singer had been spotted backstage at Britain's Glastonbury Festival, igniting rumours of a surprise concert
ByMegan Chotrani Sunday , 26 June 2016
Lady Gaga to Perform at Glastonbury?
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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been seen by a few fans hanging around backstage at the summer music festival, starting rumours that she is set to perform with Mark Ronson. We love these kinds of surprises!

A source mentioned that Gaga told Ronson repeatedly that she’s wanted to come to Glastonbury again, but Mark will be playing a set on early Sunday morning, the same day Gaga is due back in the US for an annual conference.

The Poker Face star has been working closely with the Uptown Funk producer to follow up her 2013 album, ARTPOP. The duo’s collaboration must be going well, as Ronson said: “I think she’s incredibly talented and kind of a muso at heart…I would love to work some more with her, she’s an incredible singer and songwriter”.

Gaga isn’t the only surprise performance to watch out for as it’s rumoured that Rihanna may be performing alongside Coldplay when they play this Sunday night!

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