Lady Gaga Teaches Her Dog to Draw

She's got her reasons! Lady Gaga has been teaching her pet dog, labradoodle Fozzi, how to draw by attaching pens to his legs
Lady Gaga Teaches Her Dog to Draw
Lady Gaga with Fozzi

Lady Gaga, has been teaching her dog how to draw. The eccentric Judas singer has a pet labradoodle called Fozzi and has been letting his creative juices flow backstage on her Born This Way Ball tour.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "She's training up her beloved Fozzi to be a artist. She's been attaching pens to his legs and popping him on to paper. All of her crew have been treated to a portrait by him."

Fozzi has accompanied Gaga around the world on the tour, and has often been pictured with her. The lucky pooch met Donatella Versace when they travelled to Italy, and was photographed with his master and two Finnish soldiers when they went to Helsinki.

Gaga, 26, is not the only celebrity to pamper her pet, as Kelly Osbourne - who recently argued with the Edge of Glory singer, who accused her of "cyber bullying" over comments made on her Fashion Police show - is known to treat her Pomeranians, Story and Sid and Blue, a Doberman, to luxuries fit for humans.

After taking Sid to a special spa for pooches, Kelly tweeted: "Sid just came back from the doggy day spa he had a blue berry facial, oatmeal bath, many-pedy & blow dry he looks #scrumdiddlyumptious."

Kelly, 28, also likes to dress Sid up, and has previously posted photos of him in light blue leg warmers, and an outfit fashioned to look like a shirt, dinner jacket and red and white spotted bow tie.

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