Lady Gaga Rejects Wedding Rumours

Lady Gaga says bridal wear should not just be for weddings
ByFarah NadaThursday , 17 July 2014
Lady Gaga Rejects Wedding Rumours
Lady Gaga says bridal wear is not just for weddings

Lady Gaga has rejected the rumour that she and 3-year boyfriend Taylor Kinney are planning on tying the knot anytime soon.

Earlier this month, the 28-year-old singer was spotted shopping at the bridal store Divine Decadence Originals with her mother while in Toronto, sparking rumors that she was planning on getting married to boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

But the Applause hit maker said that she hates the fact that bridal wear must be associated with weddings.

"I resent that I have to be getting married to wear Bridal, I mean what if I just love wearing white lace and pearls without it being creepy," she tweeted, after speculation about her plans with Taylor flooded the internet.

Lady Gaga is known for her extremely eccentric style in fashion – having worn everything from a dress made of bubbles to her very famous meat dress, made out of raw beef, which she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards – so her shopping for wedding gowns should not come as a big surprise to her eager fans.

Store employees reportedly told E! that the singer bought racks of vintage clothing, including robes, hats and accessories and two vintage gowns – one from the 1920s and the other from the 1930s. She did not, however, make any mention of a wedding.

Gaga is due to perform in Dubai on 10 September, with tickets already on sale since 15 May. The Dubai concert will be held at Meydan Racecourse and is set to draw tons of Gaga fans!  

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