Lady Gaga Mobbed in South Korea

Armed police called in as fans go crazy
ByNathalie ViranyiMonday , 18 August 2014
Lady Gaga Mobbed in South Korea
Armed police called in as Lady Gaga is mobbed in South Korea

Everyday situations, such as travelling, can turn into a frenzy when you're Lady Gaga. The Applause singer was met by hundreds of fans when she stepped off the plane upon arrival in South Korea.

Gaga's visit to Seoul was highly anticipated by her devoted South Korean fans, as a massive group of them blocked up the Gimpo International Airport on Friday. The little monsters stirred up so much chaos, that Gaga had to be saved and escorted by armed police as she left the terminal on Friday, prior to her gig in the city on Saturday.

Gaga, seemingly untouched by the scary situation, but definitely touched by the love of her fan base, took to Twitter to explain how she felt about the incident: "Thank you to the hundreds of beautiful fans that greeted me at the airport. Your love means so much to me. I will show you my love and leave my heart on stage."

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