Lady Gaga kicked out of home

Being famous doesn’t guarantee anything
Lady Gaga kicked out of home
Lady Gaga

It seems everybody wants a piece of Lady Gaga except for the tenant who currently lives in her old apartment. 

The hit singer who was filming an episode for 60 Minutes took the television crew to get a sneak peek at her previous abode before being told to get lost. Yep, that’s right. Through the blue coloured door Lady Gaga said "Hi, this is Lady Gaga. I was just wondering if I could say, 'Hi.'" The response? "I'd rather not have any cameras." Uh oh.

The singer quickly ushered the crew out of the building and settled for showing television audiences pieces of paper she had scribbled her first songs on. By the looks of the building we're not sure we would have wanted to see inside the apartment anyway.