Lady Gaga Brings Art to Dubai

The controversial singer is planning to make a real scene in the UAE
ByJJ AnisiobiSaturday , 06 September 2014
Lady Gaga Brings Art to Dubai
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There’s only one thing Lady Gaga loves more than big wigs, extravagant fashion and controversy – her Little Monsters fan base. And that’s what, after fearing she may never do so again, the pop superstar is most looking forward to seeing when she performs in Dubai on 10 September. ArtRave: The Artpop Ball began in America in May before playing to packed-out arenas across Asia with its main attraction eager to make each night one big party for herself and her fans. Gaga explains how surgery she endured two years ago to repair a serious hip injury left her fearing for her future as a performer of the kind of energetic show she’ll be putting on in the UAE. Despite her role in the upcoming highly anticipated movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Gaga has no plans to quit music and is fully focused on putting on the party of a lifetime when she lands in Dubai. Here she exclusively tells Ahlan! why she’ll never lip-sync during a concert, how vomiting on stage is artistic and why her fans are the craziest of them all.

The whole of the UAE is excited that ArtRave’s coming here. What can you tell us about the show?

I’m so excited too! It’s a total dream come true because it’s more of a party than just a show. I want everyone to come and party with me and leave feeling like they had a really great night. I do feel like I’m someone who knows what that feels like. The stage is something that has never been done before. It covers most of the floor in the arenas we are playing and it’s translucent, so when I’m dancing you can actually walk underneath the runways and look up and see us. But the idea, really, is to allow people to walk around, meet each other, see everything and have a good time together.

Gaga’s fans can get overexcited

It’s gonna be a pretty big show. Does that make you nervous?

Not really. I’m used to it now and also performing for my fans and being with them is where I feel like I belong. This is my purpose in the world, I think. The travelling can be hard and staying in shape, but being on stage is the best thing ever, especially since my hip surgery when I didn’t honestly know if I would ever be able to do shows like this again.

Gaga was injured two years ago

Would you ever consider lip-syncing like some singers do?

Yeah, but I really don’t understand why that should even be a question, because I think if you are asking people to pay money to see a show you should be giving them an honest performance – and that means no lip-syncing!”

Your tour is all about art, but what is art to you?

Art is doing the unexpected and giving people something that they don’t necessarily need. It’s a fantasy and a way of rewriting the story of your life. It can be something different for everyone. But I’m really not trying to educate people. This is just the way I like to approach pop music. It’s so exciting for me to be able to show my music in the way that I really wanted to.

Gaga collaborator Millie Brown       

How did you come up with the idea of being vomited on during your SXSW performance?

That actually wasn’t my concept. Millie Brown is the artist and that’s her art form. She does that stuff all the time. I’ve known her for five years and we actually did a video of that together five years ago for the Monster Ball. She vomited this turquoise sparkly paint all over me. We filmed it in slow motion and it was really radical. So then we decided, since she just happened to be in Austin, Texas, to do it live. We felt it was so emblematic of what the album is about because Artpop is in essence about having a creative, rebellious spirit when it comes to pop music. So that’s why we did it.

It did offend an awful lot of people, though. Did it annoy you that your big idea was so badly misunderstood by such a large amount of people?

I like that everyone has their own take on what it meant. I have my own reading of it too, but I would rather not say what it is. I mean, I think that we feel sick from a lot of things that we look at and experience from the internet, the media, the constant intake of information, images and pictures. I think that is just one of the things that performance meant. But I was really, really happy with the way that it looked. I don’t expect everyone to understand what we do, but since the Just Dance video, there’s always been people who don’t understand what I’m doing. That’s all just part of what I do – holding you in a state of confusion.

The star needs security to protect her at all times

You have a lot of security! Are you really scared of people?

You get used it to it. Actually, they get mad at me because I go out without them sometimes. But I don’t really have them because there is anyone we are truly afraid of, it’s just the fans. The fans just have no moral code when it comes to getting a picture. The other day they were lifting up my hair and putting it over their own heads and just screaming ‘selfie!’ really loud for hours. I was like, ‘Guys, stop!’”

Artpop has been a very successful album, so is there going to be a sequel?

Yeah, I recorded so many songs for Artpop and so much of it never made the album, so we’re going to be doing an act two with a lot of that material. It should be out after the tour and I’m really excited about it.

Speaking of sequels, we’re also about to see you hit the big screen in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Is acting something you really love?

I have a small role in it, which was a lot of fun. I worked with the amazing director Robert Rodriguez on Machete Kills, but we didn’t have very long filming at all. So this time around I got to do a little bit more and work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is amazing. It was a lot of fun and acting is something I’d like to do more of one day.

INFO: Doors 6pm for 9pm start, general admission Dhs495, general grandstand Dhs750, Golden Circle Dhs1,295,; Meydan Racecourse, Al Meydan Rd, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, 

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