Lady Gaga Bombarded By Fan's Phone Calls

23 Nov 2011

Why the singer's dad won't change his home phone number

Lady Gaga is constantly bombarded with fan phone calls whenever she visits her parents because her dad refuses to change the family's home number.

The Bad Romance hitmaker is eagerly looking forward to spending the holidays with her family and Gaga confesses that although she'll be out of the spotlight for a few days, she's never out of reach from her most devoted followers.

During an interview with US breakfast show Good Morning America on Tuesday (22 November), she said, "They're never gone. They're always there. Because even if they're not outside the house, my father refuses to change our home phone number. So the phone is just ringing all day long and it's fans. And whenever I'm home he always gives me the phone."

"I'm sure we're going to get lots of phones now on Christmas day. But the phone is always ringing and he goes, 'Hold on, it's Alicia from Tennessee.' And then he hands me the phone and I'm like, 'Hi Alicia.' And they go, 'Oh my god, it's really you!' It's really sweet."