Ladies Who Liquid Lunch

22 Oct 2008

The deadly crash diet cocktail hollywood’s gone crazy for…

Who needs food?
Lemonade Detox? The Cookie Diet? Hoodia pills? They’re all soooo last season. Hollywood’s fashion crowd are getting super-skinny this autumn with the banana bag; an intravenous drip chock- full of multi-vitamins that claims to help desperate slimmers stay stick thin whilst maintaining their nutritional needs without food.

Liquid assets?
Originally designed to help malnourished patients recover in hospital, this sickly-yellow liquid has been made popular by models and Hollywood starlets seeking a foolproof way to maintain their runway-thin frames. Celebrity personal trainer Gunner Peterson, whose clients include Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz, revealed, “One client said she was doing it so she could get by on fewer calories – she called it a ‘cleanse.’ Most women don’t do it full-time – they dabble with it – eating breakfast and lunch and then having an IV dinner.’’

Desperate measures
By replacing missing nutrients, the banana bag claims to curb hunger pangs and helps dieters feel satisfied with just a few bites of food whilst making them lose kilos at an astonishing rate. Sound like a dream come true? Think again! The nutrients in the banana bag are not nearly enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The IV drip bypasses the digestive process, and is absorbed straight into the bloodstream, which wreaks havoc on the immune system. This makes you more susceptible to illnesses because the body goes into starvation mode, thus preventing it from functioning properly. Other side effects include a lowered metabolism, irritability, fatigue, dry hair, skin and nails,and a significant lack of protein, which reduces the ability to build muscle tissue.

What’s in it?

The ingredients in this dangerous food-free diet? It doesn’t sound very yummy at all…

• Multivitamin, 10ml, which gives it its distinctive yellow colour
• Thiamine, 100mg
• Folic acid, 1mg
• Magnesium sulphate
• Saline, one litre

Still hungry? What a surprise!