Ladies, Take Care of Your Tootsies!

20 Mar 2013

Scholl have a fab range of products to keep your feet looking gorge!

One thing we often forget about is taking care of our feet. Even the most glamorous A-listers stumble into problems and here in the UAE; the hot weather means wearing sandals and open-toe shoes can leave them cracked and blistered. But thankfully Scholl are on-hand with products that can make sure your feet look just as gorgeous as your shoes! If dry heels are your problem use the Cracked Heel Repair Cream which will soften the skin on your heels leaving them smoother. Or if wearing high heels leave your tootsies feeling sore, try out Scholl’s new Ultra Slim Party Feet Gel Cushions. Simply pop the discreet cushions in your shoes and you’ll be dancing all night! Feet may not be everyone’s favourite part of the body but you should take care of them because you only have one pair! INFO: Available at Boots.