LiLo believes Hollywood has double standards for men and women

La Lohan: Hollywood is sexist

01 Sep 2010

She says women have it the worst in T-Town

With her personal life spiralling out of control and her name appearing in more headlines than Angelina Jolie and Jen Aniston, it’s no coincidence that Lindsay Lohan’scareer is taking a down turn too.

Following her jail sentence in 2007, the actress found herself struggling for acting jobs, starring in mediocre roles in unsuccessful films. And just days after being released from jail for the second time, the actress is now blaming ‘sexism’ in Hollywood for her lack of a career.

Speaking about stars who misbehave, she tells Vanity Fair magazine, “It’s not OK. But they (men who misbehave) still keep their deals, they still keep their contracts, they still keep their roles, they still get their gigs.”

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