Kylie Minogue Wants a Family

Kylie Minogue loves spending time with her three nephews, but longs to have her own children one day
Kylie Minogue Wants a Family
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue thinks having a family would be ''lovely''. The pop princess loves spending time with her nephews - Ethan, her sister Dannii's son, and Charlie and James, her brother Brendan's kids - but she hopes to settle down and have her own children with her boyfriend, Spanish model Andres Velencoso, in the future.

Kylie said: ''It would be lovely [to have children], but if it's not to be I've got three nephews who I absolutely adore. In a way I feel like a have a family because I have so many people surrounding me. And the concept of a traditional family is something we're all well past. So maybe I'll have a family one day? It would be lovely.''

The 44-year-old singer revealed she loves nothing more than playing with her young nephews and regularly keeps in touch via internet video calling service Skype so they don't forget about her when she is travelling the world on tour.

Kylie told new! magazine: ''I'm firm when I need to be. We normally just do 'stacks on'. It's an Australian term where you just roll on top of each other. We roll around. And Skype is great."

''Ethan is two and a bit but I Skype him. He doesn't log on or anything but he holds [the screen] and we have chats! It's a great way to keep in touch with him and for him to be familiar with my face and voice. It's good.''

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