Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Performs for Prince Charles

25 Oct 2012

Kylie Minogue has performed for Britain's Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla as they prepare to head off to Australia in November

Kylie Minogue performed for Britain's Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla ahead of their tour of Australia next month.

The Australian-born singer - who now lives in London - believes the country will offer the royals a ''warm welcome'' when they tour the region to conclude Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, on what will be Camilla's first trip to Australia.

Kylie told the BBC: ''I hope she has a beautiful warm welcome. I know that they will both enjoy the hospitality Australia offers. I'm sure currently at the other end of the earth they are planning the best time for them. I hope they enjoy it.''

However, fellow Aussie Barry Humphreys - best known as his alter-ego Dame Edna - joked he was worried the country's prime minister Julia Gillard, a known anti-monarchist, would not curtsey to the royals as was protocol, and urged someone to hit her ''behind the knees'' if she didn't.

He said: ''I think they'll have a wonderful time in Australia, if the prime minister can bring herself to curtsey. We're hoping she can.''

Asked what the chances were she might not, he laughed: ''I think someone has to hit her behind the knees with a very hard stick.''