Kylie Minogue Gets Real About Marriage

The star has been getting real about her split from Joshua Sasse
ByFarah AndrewsWednesday , 04 April 2018
Kylie Minogue Gets Real About Marriage
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Kylie Minogue has decided once and for all that she's not the marrying type following her split from her ex-fiance Joshua Sasse.

The Australian singer got engaged to the actor in February 2016, but they broke up a year later amid accusations he was unfaithful.

Kylie now says that she viewed the engagement as an "experiment" as she didn't see herself as the marrying type.

"I never thought I would get married," the 49-year-old star tells Red magazine. "Just going through 'being engaged' seems like an experiment, because I'd never as a girl or in all my life had a vision of getting married. Now I'm going to stick to my previous view. I don't think marriage is for me."

Earlier this year, Kylie confessed she suffered a nervous breakdown in the wake of her split from 30-year-old actor Joshua, who she met on the set of the U.S. TV show Galavant in 2015.

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However, the Aussie superstar has now fully bounced back.

"You can't negotiate the downfall of your relationship carefully," she explains. "I did have to rebuild myself, physically and mentally a bit. But no, 2017 was a great year. I knew where I stood. I knew what work I had to do and I did it."

The popstar is also making a musical comeback, and her new album Golden, her first in four years featuring original material, is due out on Friday .

"I'm not writing from a place of heartbreak," Kylie recently spilled. "I was a bit broken, I wasn't feeling very strong at a certain point, and we've all been there, we know what that's like. But I tend to bounce back pretty quickly, I'm pragmatic about stuff. It's looking rationally, with heart, with humour, to where I'm at."

Joshua has since taken to Instagram, to post a not-so-thinly veiled message to the star. 

"You are a part of the universe like a wave is a part of the ocean. It’s not personal when some of a riverbank is eroded or an oak falls down in a storm," he wrote. Adding the hashtage "#letgo". 

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