Kylie Jenner's fans question her face washing skills after skin care routine video

02 Jun 2019

Oh dear

Kylie Jenner's fans have questioned whether she knows how to wash her face properly after she shared a video of herself using her new skincare line. Okay...

The make-up mogul launched her Kylie Skin range last week, and has been promoting the collection on her social media pages. In a clip on her brand's Twitter page on Thursday (30May19), Kylie was seen using the Foaming Face Wash for about 10 seconds, before grabbing a towel to dry off her face.

However, as Kylie took the towel away, fans pointed out that there was still a layer of make-up left on it.
"You washed your face for 2 seconds. You’re using a filter," one wrote. "You still had make-up come off on the damn towel. Learn how to wash your face. How hard is this? Basic hygiene y’all."

Another of the 44,000 people who follow the Kylie Skin Twitter page commented: "This just proves that Kylie did no type of research and doesn’t know what she’s doing at all, not even caring she might be damaging her fans faces with horrible advice."

Despite the backlash, Kylie Skin sold out upon its launch last week, and looks set to even eclipse the success of her make-up range.