Kylie In Dubai!

Pop Princess in Festival City
Sunday , 23 November 2008
Kylie In Dubai!

She might have headlined at the biggest party ever at the Atlantis opening on Thursday, but for us ordinary folks Friday night was our date with Kylie.

After keeping the Festival City crowd waiting for half an hour, the teeny singer popped up on stage in the first of six questionable outfits (topped off with some hideous headwear).

But, by the second song the bad wardrobe was forgiven as 15,000 fans ‘la la la'd' along to the addictive Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

And it wasn't the only classic she managed, belting out Better The Devil You Know, Slow, Step Back In Time and Spinning Around, as well as giving us her own rendition of the Barry Manilow tune, Copacabana.

In between all the hits the pop princess managed no less than six costume changes, going from one dubious sequins hat-trousersuit combo to another.

But even in a selection of dodgy hats, pint-sized Kylie looked utterly stunning, although maybe next time her make-up artist should go a little easier on the bronzer.

To close the show Kylie gave her life-long, die hard fans a real treat with an encore of her first ever single I Should Be So Lucky, which summed up perfectly, the chances of getting a taxi after the gig.