Kristin Davis surprised by Sarah Jessica Parker's TV call

Kristin Davis surprised by Sarah Jessica Parker's TV call

13 Nov 2019

This is why we love live TV

Sarah Jessica Parker surprised her SATC co-star Kristin Davis on Monday by calling in to America's Watch what happens live to chat to her pal. Davis was answering a series of quick-fire questions about the hit drama series and its subsequent spin-off films, when host Andy Cohen revealed he had his pal Parker on the line, much to the actress' excitement.

Parker then posed her own "brain-teaser" for Davis, asking her to name the food they ate every morning on the set of SATC 2 in Morocco.

"The sandwiches!" exclaimed Davis, who portrayed prude Charlotte York. "We would go and get the tomato sandwiches from the craft, but we had to walk a really long way."

"That's right," replied Parker, "and I had a particularly delicious ham baguette every day!" Elsewhere in the interview, Davis admitted there was one SATC TV storyline she "hated" filming.

"I have a least favourite!" she shared. "There was this one time where this guy I'm having *** with had to shout, '*****!' in my face. I really, really hated. I hated it. I hated it so much."

SATC aired for six seasons until 2004, and was followed by two movie adaptations in 2008 and 2010.