Kristen Stewart Gives Paparazzi the Bird

K-Stew flashes her signature rude hand gesture at Comic-Con
Monday , 16 July 2012
Kristen Stewart Gives Paparazzi the Bird
Kristen's got nothing nice to say to the paps

K-Stew got rave reviews from fans at Comic-Con,
taking time to sign autographs, talk to fans and promote Breaking Dawn Part 2, but her behaviour changed dramatically when the
cameras started to flash. When she was leaving the event in San Diego with Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and
Taylor Lautner, heading to a private plane, she decided to tell the paps how
she really feels about them, with a very rude hand gesture.

This sure wasn’t the first time Kristen has given
snappers the bird. She did the same thing from inside a car in Nice, France in
May. And then she went for the double bird in Cannes after she declined solo
photos during the photocall at the Cannes Film Festival where she was promoting
On The Road. Considering we
almost faint when we see Kristen flash an actual smile, I guess we can’t be too
shocked by her rude hand gestures. We can’t wait for the day she learns to just
grin and wave. Being the top paid actress in Hollywood really can’t be that
hard, can it?

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