Kristen Stewart Faces Her Fears

The actress was forced to conquer her fear of horses while filming Snow White
Tuesday , 20 March 2012
Kristen Stewart Faces Her Fears
K-Stew doesn't like horsing around!

Stewart didn’t have any trouble facing werewolves and vampires in Twilight, but the
actress had to face her fear of horses in new movie Snow White and the
! After a riding accident left her scarred for life, K-Stew was
terrified to film her own stunts on horseback for Snow White.

Speaking to
fans during a panel at a WonderCon event in California, she said,
"I got to jump off cliffs and ride horses, and that terrifies me. I was
really, really not happy about having to do all that [horseback riding]. I don't
like that.” Of her fear, she explained, "I hate 'em. I fell off a horse
once and hurt myself really badly. I broke and dislocated my elbow when I was,
like, nine."

But duty
called! Kristen said she did her best to bury the memory and thought, “'Alright,
well, if I perish by horse, that's all good.'" Brave girl!

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