Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck to Film a Saucy Scene?

Sources say Jennifer Garner is very worried..
Tuesday , 27 November 2012
At it again?
At it again?
Will family man Ben be able to resist K-Stew’s charms?
Will family man Ben be able to resist K-Stew’s charms?

For Kristen Stewart, shaking her homewrecker reputation is going to be even harder than winning Robert Pattinson back! Kristen’s in talks to play Ben Affleck’s leading lady in upcoming flick Focus, but rumours started spiralling that she may be bad news for Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner, after it was revealed that there are some very steamy scenes in the movie. In Touch reports, “While it seems like just another love scene for the Hollywood heartthrob [Ben], it may in fact be much more dangerous,” adding that Jen should be “very, very worried!” Drama!

An insider told the magazine, “This has all the makings of a disaster. [The characters’] sizzling encounters [are] so hot that no wife of any actor should be comfortable with it. Kristen’s a vixen. She’s been warned by her team to not screw up again, so I don’t think she would go into the movie thinking Ben’s her guy. But things happen. But you have to remember, he’s not the problem here – Kristen is. She just loves the taste of forbidden fruit.”

The movie, Focus, is about an older guy (Ben) who takes a younger beautiful woman (Kristen) under his wing, and they fall in love. As for the “sizzling scenes”, the mag got its hands on an extract of the script which read, “Looking up at the man in front of her, the young woman whispers, ‘Just kiss me.’” Steamy! And the script gets even hotter and heavier from there with the couple stumbling around together and literally needing to get a room. We totally understand why Jennifer won’t like it!

Ben’s only input in regards to Kristen’s potential role was, “She’s terrific, and hopefully it will work out.” So should his wife of seven years really be worried? Ben told US Weekly, “I’ve seen a lot of different things that have happened to others, I’m happy with where I am… I’m very lucky. I am at a place where I feel tremendously grateful, I have a great family.” Remember, Rupert Sanders was a committed family man too before Kristen got her hands on him. We hope Ben will resist her charms!

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