Kris Jenner's Lies!

17 Aug 2012

New reports say Kris Jenner rigged her lie detector test and the whole family was in on it

Kris Jenner is not about to win Miss Congeniality anytime soon. Last week we reported that she was trying to make a pretty penny off Kourtney’s new baby Penelope  Scotland and this week we’ve learned that along with being fame-hungry, she’s got a bit of a lying problem! The National Enquirer reported that the lie detector test she took on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to prove she didn’t have an affair was “flawed” and that the “whole scenario was cooked up” to boost the show’s ratings! A source told the paper, “The whole lie detector scenario was a setup! Kris snuck off to meet her ex-flame Todd Waterman, but decided after the rendezvous that it was a mistake. When she came clean to the family, they were outraged, so she agreed to a polygraph. But it was all a bunch of bull, and the whole family, including Bruce, was in on it!” Kris lying for ratings? Well, that sounds mighty familiar!