Kris Jenner Can't Control Kendall Jenner

The model wants to break free of her mum
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 02 July 2015
Kris Jenner Can't Control Kendall Jenner
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For years they’ve been an inseparable duo, plotting stardom and raking in millions as a powerful double-act, but now Kendall Jenner and her mum Kris are on the verge of a dramatic falling-out over the model’s increasing tendency to listen to her dad instead of her mum.

Angry Kris Pushed Out
Sources have revealed how Kris is furious that Kendall, 19, appears to be taking advice from Bruce even though he had very little to do with her success to date. “It’s like they’ve actually bonded and been brought close together and her mum is getting edged out of the whole set up,” explained a close friend of the family. “Kendall has had to support her dad a lot over the past few weeks and Kris feels she’s focusing all her attention on that and letting their relationship slip. To make matters worse Kendall now asks her father for career and life advice far more than her mum. That’s causing real friction between them and it’s heading for a showdown.”

Kendall Turns to her Father
Kendall made another glowing tribute to her dad on father’s day which highlighted how their relationship is going from strength to strength. She tweeted: “My whole life this soul was my daddy and just because your appearance is different now doesn’t mean you were any less of a father to me my entire life. Happy Father’s Day to the person who raised me, and taught me everything I know, my hero.” In contrast she has accused her mum of hijacking her fame and modelling success and asked her to stop turning up to her fashion events without being asked. “Kendall feels that her mum is being too full-on and trying to still control her even though she’s not a kid anymore,” added the source. “She has outright asked her to stop coming to all her fashion events around Europe and to back off and let her live her life.”

Furious Family Phone Calls
Kris is said to be furious because all she’s tried to do is help Kendall and now she sees her living the high life and forgetting about the close bond they once had. “When Kendall does return home she wants to spend most of her time with her dad.” Tensions between Kris and Kendall have become so fraught they now mainly communicate by text. “Every phone conversation just turns into an argument so Kendall avoids that as much as possible,” revealed the source. “Kendall prefers texting and that annoys Kris when she sees that she’s talking to her dad all the time on the phone. Kris wants them to have a showdown meeting about what she calls the ‘lack of respect’. Insiders say Kris feels she deserves more from her daughter and she wants Bruce to back off and stop making decisions about her career.

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