Kris Jenner Booed at iHeart Radio Concert

The momager cries after a bad reception from the crowd
ByAriel Robinson Monday , 22 February 2016
Kris Jenner Booed at iHeart Radio Concert
© Andres OteroWENNcom
The momager was booed at the iHeart Radio concert

It seemed like Kris Jenner was not liked on Saturday night when she introduced British band, Culture Club, as she got booed from the crowd.

The heckling got so bad that her microphone had to be turned up in order for her to be heard yet no-one was able to hear her announcement. The 60-year-old was then taken off stage after her announcement ended before she appeared to be crying.

The concert organiser iHeart Radio tweeted "Wow, were you surprised at the reaction for Kris Jenner tonight?".

Check the video below to see for yourself!:

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