Kris Humphries Ditched, Again!

This time Kris Humphries got thrown out of a club because Kelly Osbourne couldn't stand the sight of him
Tuesday , 17 July 2012
Say goodbye to your social 
life, Kris!
Say goodbye to your social life, Kris!
Kelly O thinks she’s the new queen bee!
Kelly O thinks she’s the new queen bee!

Just days after news broke that Kim Kardashian used to push Kris Humphies out of photos on the red carpet so she could get snapped on her own, Kris faced more public embarrassment when Kelly Osbourne got him kicked him out of an A-list club!

Kim’s bestie, Kelly, is the creative director and a business partner at Beacher’s Madhouse in LA, where the stars were both partying. She’s said to have been disgusted at the sight of him and told security to remove him.

“It was towards the end of the night. Kelly was furious [Kris] was in there. You could see the disgust in her face,” an onlooker told the New York Post, adding, “She sent security over and they kicked him out. He was mortified!”

So what’s the reason for the incident? “Kim is a regular at the club and Kelly wanted to stay loyal to her,” the witness revealed. Aww.

Kelly tweeted, “Beacher’s Madhouse is our club so I have the right to let in or deny anyone!” Kris tried to save face by claiming he was “literally the last person” to leave the club, but we know better than to believe anything he says! It’s time to find a new hang-out, Kris.

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